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10 Best Haylou Earbuds of 2023 (Ranked & Review)

We are talking about the best Haylou Earbuds of 2023 today. The Xiaomi sub-brand has been successfully churning out budget-friendly earbuds for a while now, and we decided to list their best buds in the market.

They mostly fall under $30, and the most expensive bud on the list costs slightly above $50. Haylou earbuds have ANC, good battery life, and good bass. No matter your amount, an earbud is here for you if you read along.

These are the Best Haylou Earbuds of 2023 So Far

1. Haylou G3

Haylou G3- Dailytech Arena

The Haylou G3 is a gaming earbud because of its design and low latency. It has some RGB lights that fit the gaming aesthetics and light up when gaming. The stem-style buds fit in the ear perfectly because of the size.

There is an IPX4 rating against Splash, but I wish it were waterproof. It has a compact charging case with cool RGB lights and will fit in any pocket or bag.

The earbud has 13mm drivers that deliver a high-fidelity listening experience and thumping bass. It has an exceptional sound and call quality that fits the price. A deep neural network cancels noise when making calls in a noisy environment.

The battery life is four and a half hours if you listen at the highest volume, and when paired with the case, you will get 20 hours of charging. It has some touch controls, and the Bluetooth connectivity is also fast.

Buy on Aliexpress for $60

2. Haylou X1 2023

Haylou X1 2023

The Haylou X1 2023 is one of the best earbuds from Haylou, and it has 24 hours battery life. It comes with a half-in-ear design that fits your ear contours and delivers wearing comfort.

There is low latency for gaming and improved sound quality. The earbud also uses ENC to deliver clear calls.

It has a loud sound stage because of the 12mm dynamic driver that it comes with. If you love bass, then what comes out of the X1 2023 will impress you. It also has HD audio codecs.

The buds are an absolute steal because of the sound it comes with. The charging case is made of aluminum alloy and doesn’t pick up fingerprint stains.

Buy on Aliexpress for $18.79

3. Haylou Moripods ANC

Haylou Moripods ANC

The Haylou Moripods ANC is the upgraded version of the OG Moripods released earlier. It has a 30-hour battery life, matching more expensive earbuds.

The noise cancelation level is -30dB and has three different ANC modes, including transparent, standard, and proper ANC. It cancels out most sounds, even in traffic or using low-volume buds.

The call quality is also outstanding and cancels out noise in the background. It uses Bluetooth 5.2, and connectivity is instant. The buds also have low latency for gaming and streaming content.

It is compatible with iPhone and Android, and the 10mm dynamic drivers also deliver audio. The charging case is compact, and the buds are also lightweight in the ear.

Buy on Aliexpress for $23

4. Haylou X1 Pro

Best Haylou Earbuds

The Haylou X1 Pro has three mics for smart noise cancellation and a low latency mode. It uses a Hybrid Noise Cancellation to achieve an ideal noise cancellation.

Your listening experience will be unique with the -35dB noise cancellation turned on. There are also different noise cancellation modes depending on your environment.

Calls are another aspect that the buds deliver, with three mics on each bud. It uses AI to reduce background noise and deliver excellent calls.

Sound quality is one of the buds’ strengths; if you want pure sound and bass, this is for you.

It uses AAC codec and Bluetooth 5.2 and is also compatible with IOS and Android. The battery life with ANC is 22 hours; you will get 40 hours with ANC off.

Buy on Aliexpress for $31.13

5. Haylou GT7 Neo – Best Haylou Earbuds

Haylou GT7 Neo

The Haylou GT7 Neo is among the best Halylou earbuds and is affordable. It uses an 8mm dynamic drive that delivers a high-definition listening experience.

You get to hear vocals clearly because of how they are separated from the instrumental.

It has a low latency mode for gaming or watching movies. A unique mono and stereo mode, depending on how you want to use the buds.

Each earbud has its chip, which is rare at the price point. Calls are clear with the bud, and you will get up to 22 hours of battery life while listening.

The charging case is compact and lightweight. It is a stem-style earbud, but you won’t feel any pain after using it for long hours.

Buy on Aliexpress for $18.87

6. Haylou W1

haylou w1 review

The Haylou W1 is another budget Haylou earbud with an IPX4 water-resistant rating and anti-oxidation vacuum coating technology.

It can be used in every weather and has an ergonomic, stylish design. It fits in with the shape of your ear canal for wearing comfort and stability. It is the type of buds you want to bring along for a workout.

The charging case is also compact and fits inside your palm and pocket. It uses the Qualcomm QCC3040 chip and Bluetooth 4.2, which lets you use a pair of buds simultaneously.

You can also switch to stereo from mono seamlessly. When paired with the charging case, the buds will give you 6 hours of playtime and 20 hours total.

It uses an aptX adaptive codec that adjusts performance based on what is going on with your phone.

The bud uses dual Knowles balanced armature and dynamic drivers to deliver the highest sound quality possible. It also supports AAC and SBC Codecs. Overall, it is one of the best value-for-money Haylou earbuds.

Buy on Aliexpress for $33.00

7. Haylou GT1 2022

The Haylou GT1 2022 is an in-ear style earbud from the brand and among the best Haylou earbuds. You get 20 hours of battery life when you pair the buds and the charging case, which is excellent.

The buds also have mono and stereo modes for quick connection.

There is an ultra-low latency mode for gaming and streaming content. The buds also have 7.2mm composite diaphragm dynamic drivers that deliver an HD listening experience.

Sound and call quality are impressive as the bud uses a Deep Neural Network to separate human voice and environmental noise for clear calls. It has a lightweight magnetic body that sits on the ear canals comfortably.

Buy on Aliexpress for $18.22

8. Haylou GT1


The Haylou GT1 is another excellent pocket-friendly earbud from Haylou. It comes with outstanding sound quality and zero lag. The buds have an IPX5 waterproof rating, and it uses an AAC codec to deliver high-quality sound.

It is lightweight in the ear, and you also get 12 hours of battery life and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. We can’t skip it on the list of best Haylou TWS earbuds.

Buy on Aliexpress for $23

9. Haylou Moripods – Best Haylou Earbuds

The Haylou Moripods are among the best Haylou earbuds of 2023. It uses the QCC3040 chip and Bluetooth 5.2 for fast pairing and stable connectivity. The earbud is also compatible with IOS and Android.

It has aptX adaptive dynamic decoding to bring out the best sound quality no matter what you are doing. The buds also have ultra-low latency while gaming and streaming on YouTube. Pairing the charging case and the buds gives you 24 hours of battery life.

The earbud will give you 5 to 6 hours of listening, depending on your volume levels. It has a 12mm dynamic driver with AAC and SBC codecs to deliver the highest sound quality possible.

There are dual mics on each bud for excellent call quality as well. The earbud is also available in several colors with an IPX4 waterproof rating.

Buy on Aliexpress for $32

10. Haylou X1 Neo

The Haylou X1 Neo is lightweight yet delivers a fantastic sound experience with its 13mm driver. It brings to life all the elements in a song because of its large sound stage.

You also get 20 hours of battery life when paired with the compact translucent charging case. It is suitable for long-term use because of its ergonomic design. The buds come with an exceptional gaming mode and good call quality.

There is also a mono and stereo mode that you can easily switch to while using the buds. It also has an IPX4 dust and water-resistant rating. You can bring it with you in the rain.

Buy on Aliexpress for $15

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Rounding Up – Best Haylou Earbuds

Haylou earbuds keep improving over time, and we will constantly update you when we find new gems from Haylou. The buds listed above are presently the best TWS earbuds from Haylou.

They come in different price points, but they are generally affordable. Most of the buds here also work well with Haylou Sound App.


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