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How To Borrow Airtime on MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and GLO

Are you looking for a way to borrow airtime? Regardless of the network, you are using, be it MTN, Etisalat, Airtel, or Glo we have you covered. We are going to share simple steps that will let you borrow recharge cards or data easily. The networks in Nigeria allow their customers to borrow airtime for calls or data. I use the service sometimes when I am low on airtime. However, some of you tend to find it difficult.

Well, we are solving that problem here today. The codes are simple, and it is important to memorize them off-hand. it can be helpful if you know the codes in times of emergency. There are times when there are no recharge card sellers nearby and our bank network is having issues. Here are the fastest steps to borrow airtime on all Nigerian mobile networks.

How to Borrow Airtime on All Nigerian Networks


MTN is the largest network in Nigeria. They were one of the first networks to introduce borrowing data and airtime

So to borrow airtime from MTN, dial *303#, and a pop-up will come out with different options, such as

  • Eligibility status
  • Request for extra time
  • Check the Xtratime balance.

Therefore, for the eligibility status, you have confirmed maybe you are eligible for a loan or request airtime. If you are eligible then you proceed to request Xtratime. On the next page, after you click on request for Xtratime, you will see how much you are liable to borrow.

In addition, mind you, if you want to increase the amount MTN can borrow it depends on how much you recharge and how you respond in servicing the previous money borrowed.

How to Roll Over Unused Data on MTN


GLO is one of the largest mobile network operators in Nigeria slogan implies. The network has a large amount of its customer base in Southern Nigeria. They have great plans and internet speed; they also have some of the cheapest data plans in Nigeria.  

To borrow airtime from the GLO network just simply dial *321#, select the amount of airtime you want to borrow from the next pop and press send to confirm the selection. And that’s all very easy or you can try another easy way by dialing *321*amount#. For instance, *321*200#   and that is all.


Airtel is another great network, with a large customer base all over the country. Some of their customers do not know how to borrow airtime on the network. It is quite easy, and with a few clicks, you can borrow as much airtime as you want from the network. I use Airtel, and I enjoy their services when it comes to borrowing data and airtime.

To borrow airtime from Airtel just follow these steps by dialing *500* the amount of airtime you want to borrow, then # i.e. *500*amount# e.g. *500*100#. Or you can simply dial *500# and follow the steps that will pop up.


Etisalat now known as 9mobile is one of the oldest mobile networks in Nigeria. They provide fast internet services as well as affordable rates for calls. You can borrow airtime on 9mobile easily with just a few clicks. The network has stood the test of time and it is still going. You can borrow airtime with the following shortcode. It takes less than a minute to complete the process.

You can use the shortcode *665*amount# to borrow data or cards from 9mobile and this service is available to all prepaid consumers or customers of 9mobille on this network, customers can also loan additional recharge cards on the existing loans. That is if you have borrowed #100 before and you have exhausted it or you want to add more to subscribe for a data plan or call you also borrow another additional #100 or #200 without not paying the previous one.

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The steps above are the various methods you can use to get data or airtime on all the networks in Nigeria. You can borrow a call card on any network in Nigeria using a USSD code. The process takes less than a minute to complete in most cases. Next time you are in an emergency make, sure you remember the codes above. They are easy to memorize, if you have any questions kindly drop them in the comment section below. Thank you



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