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Oraimo 20,000mAh Power Bank Price in Nigeria

Are you tired of dead batteries and frantic searches for outlets? A 20,000mAh Oraimo power bank can be your lifesaver – a portable power station to keep your devices juiced up on the go. But with so many models, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This guide will equip you to make an informed decision and find the perfect Oraimo 20,000mAh Power Bank Price in Nigeria. As we all know, the Oraimo brand is a house name brand.

Like this guys produce virtually everything and they make it affordable and that’s why we love them. These 20,000mAh power banks are quite affordable and reliable, you don’t need to go break the bank before getting a good power bank for yourself. before we go check them out, let’s quickly look at some basic things.

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What Is A 20,000mAh Power Bank?

Let’s break it down: mAh (milliampere-hours) measures a battery’s capacity. Just as you have liters for measuring the volume of a liquid, or kilos for measuring the size of a substance that is how the mAh is to batteries. 20,000mAh is a monster capacity, capable of fully charging most smartphones multiple times. For example, if your phone has a battery size of 5000mAh, the 20,000mAh power bank can charge it about 4 times. And if it’s less, you get more charging time.

Things To Consider When Getting A 20,000mAh Power Bank

Ports and Output: How many devices do you typically charge? That’s a good question you need to answer first. The ideal thing is to look for a power bank with two or three output ports and fast charging capabilities like Quick Charge or Power Delivery. Also, check out if a power bank comes with a Type-C or USB-A port or both. This will help you charge multiple devices at the same time.

Input: Choose a power bank with a suitable input voltage (5V or 9V) for efficient recharging. Some models offer fast charging input too. Furthermore, you need to check if the power bank supports dual input—a Type-C and a micro USB, this gives you the liberty to charge up the power bank with any charger at your disposal.

Portability: Size and weight matter! Decide between a slim, lightweight option for everyday carry or a larger, heavier one for longer trips. And if you are the one that travels by air, check also if the power bank is flight-friendly.

Design and Build: Opt for a durable and scratch-resistant build. Consider additional features like LED indicators, flashlights, and built-in cables for convenience.

Safety: Look for power banks with built-in safeguards against overcharging, overheating, and short circuits. UL certification adds an extra layer of assurance.

Oraimo 20,000mAh Power Bank Price in Nigeria

Oraimo Traveler 4 Pro

Oraimo 20,000mAh Power Bank Price in Nigeria

The Traveler 4 Pro power bank is a portable and lightweight power that comes with a 3D texture surface. The 3D texture protects the power bank surface from stains and scratches and also adds a piece of beauty to it and a comfortable grip. It comes with four ports at the top and a torch which can also serve as SOS when you find yourself in an emergency. The Traveler 4 Pro comes with a massive 20,000mAh battery capacity and this can last for a week on a single charge.

However, this is debatable since it depends on how often you use the power bank. The Type-C port which serves as an In/Out port comes equipped with 20W PD3.0+QC3.0 quick charge. This means it charges fast charging any model of iPhone to 60% in 30 minutes which is cool. The other dual USB output ports support 18W fast charging also which is ok if you ask me. At least I forgot, that the Traveler 4 Pro supports triple charging.

This means you can charge three devices at the same time without sharing the charging speed. Furthermore, it comes with an intelligent sensor that detects if a device supports fast charging or not, this helps it to auto switch mode and prevent any form of damage.

This feature makes the power bank widely compatible and can be used to charge wireless earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and other low-current smart devices. Lastly, it comes with a dual recharging port, which allows you the liberty to recharge the power bank with the charger that is available to you at that time.

  • Capacity: 20000mAh (74Wh)
  • Input(Micro USB): 5V 2A,9V 2A
  • Input(Type-C): 5V 3A,9V 2A
  • Output(Type-C): 5V 3A,9V 2.2A,12V 1.5A
  • Output 1(USB-A): 5V 3A,9V 2A,12V 1.5A
  • Output 2(USB-A): 5V 3A,9V 2A,12V 1.5A
  • Total Output: 5V 3A
  • LED Torch: Yes
  • LED Indicator: Yes

Price: ₦23200

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Oraimo Pilot Byte

If you are looking for a cheaper 20,000mAh power bank, the Pilot Byte is a good option. According to Oraimo, this power bank comes with enough juice to charge an iPhone 13(4x), Galaxy S10(5x), and an iPad twice. That’s a lot of power if you ask me. It comes with a dual input and a dual output port. This gives you the freedom to charge multiple devices at the same time without sacrificing the speed of one for the other.

Also, the dual USB output port supports Anifast technology, so if your device supports the fasting charging protocols, it automatically detects it and if it doesn’t it charges your device on a normal charge. This makes the Pilot Byte widely compatible and can be used to charge low-current devices.

Furthermore, it comes with all the needed safety protocols, so you are safe and your device is safe. Unlike the Traveler 4 Pro, which features a battery level indicator, this comes with a large LED display. And you can see the battery level at a glance. It’s portable and features a unique body surface that prevents both stains and scratches and helps preserve the appearance of the power bank for a long time.

  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Capacity: 20000mAh(74Wh)
  • Input 1(Micro-USB): 5V/2A
  • Input 2(Type-C): 5V/2A
  • Output 1(USB-A):5V/2.4A (Max)
  • Output 2(USB-A): 5V/2.4A (Max)
  • Dimension: 165.5mm X 83mm X 24.2mm
  • Cable: 30cm USB-A to Micro-USB

 Price: ₦17000

Oraimo Traveler 4

This is the lite version of the Traveler 4 Pro this sports the same appearance as the Pro and also comes with the same 20,000mAh battery capacity. it comes with four ports at the top, dual output ports that support the Oraimo Anifast fast charging protocol, and a dual recharging port. You also get a torch at the top that can last for 50 nights incredible right?

This torch also doubles as an SOS emergency light. The body surface is nice and it’s covered with an anti-scratch and stain-resistant material. Unlike the Pro version which charges three devices at a time, this power bank can only charge two devices at a time. Also, its maximum power output is 10.5W. like every other Oraimo power bank we have on the list, this also comes with all the safety measure protocols, that help keep you can your device safe from any discharge.

On this power bank, you don’t get the LED display rather, it comes with four light indicators each representing 25% battery level. The Traveler 4 is the cheapest 20,000mAh Oraimo power bank in the market and it sure comes with some nice features.

  • Battery Cell Type: Lithium battery
  • Capacity: 20000mAh (74Wh)
  • Input(Micro USB): 5V 2A
  • Input(Type-C): 5V 2A
  • Output 1(USB-A): 5V 2.1A(Max)
  • Output 2(USB-A): 5V 2.1A(Max)
  • LED Torch: Yes
  • LED Indicator: Yes

Price: ₦15100

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Quick Recap Of The 20,000mAh Oraimo Power Banks

  • Oraimo Traveler 4 Pro
  • Oraimo Pilot Byte
  • Oraimo Traveler 4

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