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Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass Ultra Review-A Good Reward For Money

The Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass is one of the budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers at the Oraimo stands. In my opinion, it’s one of the lightweight speakers out there. The speaker is palm friendly and can be clipped to a backpack because of the hook it came with. Now do not underestimate this speaker because of its size. It comes with enough sound quality features that will make you run to get one.

We will be giving an honest report we observed when we reviewed this Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass. Ranging from the design to the sound quality and why you should go get one for yourself. Mind you if you are on the hunt for a new Bluetooth speaker, this is one good option you should consider. Alright, let’s get to it. You can also check theĀ Oraimo FreePods 3 Review

Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass First impression

Well, I like the modern design of the Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass. It’s simple and sleek. The speaker is made of rubber casing. You get the Oraimo label at the front and also a large Oraimo imprint at the back. The buttons are located at the top. Which includes the power button and the volume buttons. The Aux and USB charging ports are suited at the rear or bottom. With that said, the Oraimo Palm comes In three colors, black red, and grey. But I prefer black. But you are free to go for whichever color of your choice.

This speaker is a lightweight speaker that can easily slide into your pocket. It’s also palm friendly. It is not as heavy as the usual Bluetooth speakers you know. The Oraimo Palm also has a hook by the side that you can clip to your bags to take your music to wherever you want to go. Isn’t that great? I believe it is. Because you don’t have to worry about the burden of holding the speaker just clipping it to your bag well and you play on the go.

Additionally, the Bluetooth speaker has a waterproof rating of IPX7, which means the speaker can withstand splash and rain. If an accident happened and probably you drop it in Ina pool of water or mistakenly splash water on it, you don’t have to be scared of the speaker getting wet because of the waterproof feature it comes with. Also, it features a super protective dust resistance feature. Intriguing right?

That’s not all. The Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass can float on water due to its lightweight and super protective waterproof feature. So if you are the type that loves playing music while swimming, this gadget will be a faithful friend. It’s also good for outdoor because of its resistance to dust.

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Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass Sound Quality

The Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass comes with a large dynamic driver with is combined with a passive radiator. This is built into a super compact structure that helps deliver top-quality sound. You get a pure and clear sound when you play music on this speaker. The Heavy Bass algorithm feature help gives a punchy and thumping bass. Although the speaker might look small the sound quality is one of the best when it comes to budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers. When we tested the speaker, we observed that it delivered a fine-quality sound.

And you can hear the vocals as clearly as ever. And as we increase the volume of the speaker the louder it gets. Unlike other kinds, we have tested that gives a minimal sound. This Bluetooth is one speaker that can be used outdoors mainly because of the sound quality it produces. Am telling you if you love hiking and want to take music with you then go for the Oraimo Bluetooth speaker, you will be so happy you did.

Bluetooth Connection

The Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 which boosts fast and easy connection. It takes fewer minutes for your phone to pair with this Bluetooth speaker. You can also connect laptops, tablets, and iPhones to the speaker. Though the range isn’t the best it still serves well. And I you tell that this kind of Bluetooth has to be close by always because of its size. If you don’t want to connect via Bluetooth, you have the option of using the AUX. You can AUX IN at 3,5mm and still groove to your favorite music.

Oraimo Palm Powerful Bass Battery Life

I know some of you might assume because of its lightweight it might not have good battery life. Well, you’re mistaken. The Oraimo Palm features a 400 mAh battery capacity. When fully charged, the Oraimo Palm gives a playing time of 3.5 hours. Wow, that was a good time you know. For a budget-friendly speaker, in my opinion, I think it’s ok. Most bigger Bluetooth speakers don’t offer as much as this portable speaker does. That’s why it’s an excellent choice for hiking and camping. Just clip the speaker to your backpack and jam to the tune of your love for more than three hours.




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