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Haylou W1 Review – Best Budget Earbud?

Haylou is one of the most popular brands out there that makes budget earbuds and today we are taking a look at the Haylou W1. It has a great design and a price tag that is below $50 it also has awesome features and a bit of noise cancellation. This is going to be a detailed Haylou W1 review we are going to cover all the important things about this earbud.

It is a superb earbud for making calls because each pair of buds has dual mics. It has 7mm, dynamic drivers, inside that help deliver amazing sound quality and details. The sound quality is impacted by the chip inside the bud which is none other than the QCC3040 by Qualcomm it improves latency and sound. The bud is waterproof to some extent it has an IPX4 rating. It has AAC and SBC codecs as well as adaptive feedback.

With the buds, you’re going to get 20 hours of battery life all for a price below $40 dollar on AliExpress. This earbud is going to give some high-end buds a run for the money. read along as we go in-depth and give you more details about the Haylou W1.

Haylou W1 Review – Best Budget Earbud?

Sound Quality

The most important aspect of any true wireless earbud is sound quality and we are starting with that here. We are going to start by talking about the sound of the Haylou W1. The earbud has an awesome sound stage that is rich and has great quality. The 7mm dynamic drivers is the biggest reason why the buds have a powerful bass and clean mids and highs. Vocals are well separated from the instruments and the buds replicate every instrument while playing. The AAC audio codec allows the buds to deliver high-fidelity stereo across all music genres which is amazing for this price point. It has an amateur driver that enhances the bass and provides more details on instruments. Sound quality is superb here at this price point it’s the buds to beat.

Sound Test

The buds are great for calls because of the dual microphones it comes with you get from the buds just above. Rate it in the sound in the comments below.

Design – Haylou W1 Review

The carry case has what I call a clamshell design. The design is minimal and it has rounded squares at the edges. It is small and compact and it also weighs around 35 to 40g. the carry case comes in white or black and it has a matte finish. I prefer a matte finish on buds instead of glossy because the matte is not prone to stains.

We have the Haylou logo printed on top of the case and the case sits on a flat surface when opened. The magnets shut the buds tight without openings, you won’t struggle while opening the case as well. We have three LED indicators that tell us the state of the battery while in the case. it has a type C charging port at the back.

The earbuds rock a better build quality even better than the carry case. it has a glossy design in dark blue or white with the Haylou written in nice fonts. The buds are light and stable in the ear during movements or running. We have a soft silicon tip that relieves the pressure and makes wearing for long hours possible. There are tiny LED lights at the top of the buds that tell you the different states of the buds.

We have L and R signs to help you pick the right one for your ears. We have two magnets on the buds that helps them sit well inside the charging case. there are tiny mics on the buds that help cancel out noise during calls. We can easily say they are among the best earbuds for calls.

Haylou W1 Touch Controls

For touch control, you need to tap the top end of the buds where we have LED lights. Touch is precise and responsive and can be used when you don’t have your phone near you.

  • Tap L or R once to play or pause songs
  • Triple tap L or R to summon the voice assistant
  • For the next song tap R twice
  • Tap L twice for the previous song

One of the caveats you will deal with is that you cannot control the volume on the earbud.

Battery Life and Charging – Haylou W1 review

the carry case of the Haylou W1 has a 310mAh battery and charging the case takes almost 3 hours which is slow. There are some competing buds out there that have quick charge. If the case is full you can charge the buds 3 to 4 times before it runs out. You can use the buds for 5 hours straight when its full and it takes 2 hours to charge while inside the case. if you combine the case and buds it can last at least 20 hours plus recharge inside the case.

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Bluetooth and Latency

 The buds have Bluetooth 5.1 and it is compatible with IOS and Android. We have a Qualcomm QCC3040 that allows powerful transmission and stable connectivity. It lets you have a high-quality audio and lower delay. The buds support aptX, aptX-adaptive, AAC, SBC, and other audio codecs. It has a range of 10m even between barriers and your phone, tablet, or laptop.

The moment you open the case the Haylou W1 will be in pairing mode and Bluetooth will automatically come on. The first pairing has to be manual but after that subsequent pairing will take less than 5 seconds.

The Xiaoai App – Haylou W1 Review

I love some earbuds that come with app support the Haylou W1 works with the Xiao Ai app. It is only available on Android for now and it has a clean interface. You can use the app to upgrade the firmware as well as tweak some things. The app is only in Chinese and I see a lot of users not using it.

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In terms of the price, it’s hard to find an earbud below $50 that sounds as good as the Haylou W1. Sound is the biggest reason why we buy earbuds and these have proven to be some solid earbuds in terms of sound. It has different sound codecs and can be used for listening to high-quality audio. I am impressed with the overall style of the earbud, especially the battery life. That’s all for the Haylou W1 review hopefully you find this helpful.

Where to buy the Haylou W1 earbud

The earbud is available on AliExpress and Amazon although it is cheaper on AliExpress.



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