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Best Websites for Downloading Movies

We love watching movies but sometimes we find it difficult to download them on our phones. Are you looking for the best websites for downloading movies? Today we are focusing on that and we are listing 10 websites for downloading movies free. There are a lot of websites for downloading movies, but some of them are plagued with too many adverts.

The websites listed below are the best in the business of downloading movies for free. You can download Indian, American, and Nigerian movies on the sites listed below. They don’t have annoying ads as we made it a benchmark before adding any website to the list. All the sites listed here are user-friendly and easy to navigate. They also have various categories of movies available.

Enough of the long talks let’s get down to business and guide you on the best websites to download movies in 2022. You just need a good internet connection to download the latest movies from the sites below.

Top Best Websites for Downloading Movies for Free

1.    123GOStream

This is one of the best websites to download movies online in full HD.  A good advantage of this site is that it makes your search for movies very easy and convenient.

Both old and new movies can be found on this site. And the size of the files is relatively small so as to save your data. You can easily search for movies on this site based on the day of their release either day or week.

Visit 123Gostream

2.    F. Movies

F. Movies is a superb site to visit any time you are in need of any kind of movie. It is another site on this list that has the latest movies. It also has both old and new movies in full HD. The list of best websites to download movies won be complete without F. Movies.

On this site, you can stream movies online without registering. Also, in the genre section, you will find different genres of movies there like animation, comics, kung fu, and many others.

Visit FMovies

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3.    AZ Movies

Without a doubt, this is also one of the best websites to download movies online. Navigating in this site is very easy. The website has been in existence for a long period of time, and it has both new and old movies.

Movies are arranged alphabetically on the website. AZ Movies allows you to see movie trailers even before seeing the movie. It has a section for the top 10 movies and just added movies. You can also know the next movie to be released on this site.

Visit AZmovies

4.    Movie Flixter

Movie flixter is also a great site that you can visit any time you want to download a movie. It has different genres of movies like horror and comedy. Users of this site will always find it easy to navigate in this site because of its interface

The movies on this site are free and downloading them takes just a few steps. This is a great site for you to consider if you want to download movies in full HD format. It is also one of the best movie downloading websites.

Visit Movie Flixter

5.    PopcornFlix

It is impossible for to list the best websites for downloading movies without you including popcornflix. A good feature of this site is that you can stream movies online on the site. The website is intuitive and it has a search bar that lets you filter movies easily. It also has a category for various genres of movies.

You can download the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies on the website. Make sure you check out the website for downloading the latest movies.

Visit PopcornFlix

6.    YouTube

YouTube is the biggest online video platform and thousands of videos and movies are uploaded every second. You can download and watch full-length movies on YouTube. The category of movies and videos on the platform is different. There are documentaries and millions of movies on YouTube. It is one of the best websites for downloading movies in 2022. There are a lot of foreign and local movies and series on YouTube. It shouldn’t be a surprise because you can actually enjoy movies on YouTube.

Visit Youtube

7.    Toxicwap

Toxicwap is one of the oldest websites for downloading free movies online. The platform has thousands of new and old movies available for download. You can download both full-length movies and series on Toxicwap. The platform also has a search bar that you can use to search for precise movies. You can also have access to the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies on the site. Make sure you check out Toxicwap for your latest movies.

Visit NewToxicWap

8.    YTS

YTS can be seen as a library of movies because it has a collection of movies. It is a torrent site and you can get the best quality movies available for download.

YTS has a very simple user interface and a dedicated search bar. Downloading on the site is always stress-free. Additionally, you can download movies with different qualities. Also, downloading movies in smaller sizes using your mobile phone will help in saving your data.

Visit YTS

9.    Vimeo

Vimeo was founded in 2004, and to date, it is still functioning well. Its user interface is very simple and easy. It is an online movie streaming site with a lot of top-rated content and movies. You can stream as many movies as you want on Vimeo if you have a good internet connection.

Visit Vimeo

10. Archive

Archive is a top-rated platform for downloading movies free as quickly as possible. If you are a fan of blockbuster movies then the website will be for you. They have a collection of both new and old movies available for download. You can also search for movies easily on the website. It is an OG movie website and you have to check it out if you love Hollywood movies.

Visit Archive

11. TheNetNaija

The Net Naija is arguably one of the best websites for downloading movies in 2022. You can download the latest Nigerian and foreign movies on the website. They also use tags to categorize all the movies on the website. You are going to find a lot of romance, action, comedy, and adventure movies on the website. Downloading movies from the site is easy and they come in the highest quality possible.

Visit Netnaija

12. Nkiri

Nkiri is a top-rated website where you can download international movies from all around the world including Korean movies. You can also download the series from the website in case you are interested. Nkiri movies come in high quality, and you can also use a search tab on the website. It is highly recommended because of how easy it is to use the website.

Visit Nkiri

13. MP4mania

MP4mania is a top-rated OG website for downloading movies and WWE videos. You can download in both high quality and low quality depending on what you want. The problem is the number of ads you get on the website sometimes. You can download cartoons, Bollywood, and Hollywood movies on the website.

Visit MP4mania

What is the best websites for downloading movies in 2022?

  • 123Gostream
  • F.Movies
  • AZMovies
  • Movie Flixter
  • Retrovision
  • YouTube
  • Toxicwap
  • YTS
  • Vimeo
  • Archive
  • TheNetNaija
  • Nkiri
  • MP4mania

Conclusion – best websites for downloading movies

The site listed above is not arranged in a particular order. Nonetheless, if you can pay attention to the ones listed above, you will not be able to download any movie you can think of. In case we missed your favorite website for downloading movies kindly mention them in the comment section.



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