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How to check MTN Data Balance

How to check MTN Data – For MTN customers in Nigeria, staying updated on their data balance is crucial to prevent data exhaustion or unexpected charges. The previous approach to checking MTN data balance involved dialing the code (*131*4#), but this method is no longer functional.

To Check your MTN data balance, dial *323# and choose the “Data Balance” option. This method is not only simple but also time-saving. A menu with different options will be displayed by dialing the code from your MTN phone. Select “Data Balance” to instantly view your remaining data balance. This post has examined different approaches to ascertain your data balance.

This article will explore the most effective approaches to check MTN data balance. Use the techniques described in this post to verify your data balance effortlessly.

Methods Used In Checking MTN Data Balance

There are multiple techniques available for you to check MTN data balance conveniently:

You can check your data bundle balance through the following methods:

  1. USSD: Dial *323*1# to check your main data bundle and bonus balance, or dial *310#.
  2. SMS: Send a text message with “2” to 312.
  3. myMTN App: Send a text message with “myMTN” to 5018 to receive a download link for the app.

A Guide to Checking MTN Data Balance Using USSD Code

One of the fastest and most convenient methods for checking your data balance is by utilizing a USSD code. USSD codes, which stand for ‘’Unstructured Supplementary Service Data’’, are short and straightforward.

To determine your data balance using the USSD code approach, utilize the following code and adhere to these straightforward instructions.

Here are the simple steps to follow to check MTN data balance using the USSD code method:

  1. Launch the dialer App on your mobile device.
  2. Dial the MTN USSD code for data balance: *323#.
  3. You can choose the “Data Balance” option.

After completing these steps and pressing the send button, you will receive a notification within a short period, revealing your current data balance.

Guide to Checking Data Balance on MTN Using SMS

Follow these steps to check MTN Data balance using a Text Message

  1. Open your messaging and then create a new message.
  2. Send an SMS with the number 2 to 312.
  3. After sending the message, you will receive a text message providing detailed information about all your data bundles.

How to check MTN Data Using MTN Mobile App

You can view your data balance history or buy more when using the MTN Mobile App to check your Data Balance. Utilize the MyMTN app for a convenient option.

These are simple steps to follow:

  1. Download the MyMTN app from your respective app store. (Either on Google Play Store or App Store).
  2. Complete the registration process and sign up.
  3. Upon signing in, you can access your data balance and other pertinent account details.

One important thing about the MyMTN Mobile App is that it enables you to extend your data, examine your data consumption history, and adjust your account preferences.

Rounding Up

An easy way to check MTN Data balance is by dialing *323*1#; you can quickly obtain information regarding your remaining data allowance.

Additionally, you can check the balance of the data transferred to your MTN line using these alternative methods. Another simple method you can use to verify your MTN data balance is by sending a text message. By simply texting “2” to “312,” you will promptly receive a text message containing your current data balance and expiration date.

This method allows you to effortlessly and expeditiously retrieve your MTN data balance details without requiring an internet connection or external applications. You can easily access details about your remaining data allowance as an MTN subscriber in Nigeria.


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