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Edifier X3 Review in 2022

I’ve submerged this earbud inside water a couple of times and it still works fine. but there is more as to why for $25 this is one of the best earbuds out there. This is our edifier X3 review and we are going to share with you everything that stands out on the edifier X3. From the IPX5 waterproof ratings down to the amazing sound quality. Make sure you keep up to date with us because we will be reviewing more earbuds and smartphones.

The price of this edifier X3 might make you think it’s not as good but man I was blown away by the quality of this. Edifier is one of the top brands in the TWS world and with the X3 earbuds they really delivered. The wireless stereo market keeps getting bigger and better but for $25 dollars these is the earbuds to beat.

We are going to provide you with details about all you need to know about the edifier Xander 3 earbuds. Without wasting time let’s get straight into the review of the Edifier X3 earbud.

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Edifier X3 Review – Best Earbud Under 25 Dollars


The earbud comes in a lightweight carry case and as far as weight is concerned this is the lightest carry case I have used. It is made of plastic and although it feels cheap it is still very compact. You can easily pocket the earbud because of its size. We have a matte finish here and it helps reduce stains and fingerprint smudges.

The lid is not really strong but it closes the case well without any openings. It charges via micro USB and that might be one of the downsides of this earbud. We are already used to charging our devices with USB type C. the charging port is located at the back of the case. And we have tiny LED lights that indicate when the case is charging.

 We have an in-ear style earbud here and they sit pretty well inside your ear. even after long listening sessions, you won’t have any strain on your ear. the earbud comes with extra rubber tips and it is very important that you find the right one that will fit your ear. the rubber ear tips help cancels out passive noise while listening. there are small microphones on the earbud for calls and there are tiny LED lights that indicate if the earbud is charging while resting in the case or when they are in pairing mode. The earbud has an ergonomic design that fits well in the ears. It also has an IPX5 waterproof rating which means it will be fine even under rain or when you sweat while running.

Sound quality – Edifier X3 Review

Edifier made up for the loose design with the sound quality they delivered on this earbud. The soundstage is wide and the separations of instrumentals and vocals are great you get to feel that little distance between the two. The bass here is deep and punchy you feel it kicking when listening to afrobeats and pop songs.

Treble is also noticeable and each time I listen it is always at 100% because I love bass. One major thing is that the instrumental doesn’t force itself in front of the vocals. The sound quality is amazing no matter the genre of music you are listening to. You can also use them for calls and watching movies. It works well on both android and IOS here is a call test of the edifier x3.


The earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 and connectivity is swift and fast. After the first pairing with your phone subsequent connections will even be faster. You can decide to use either the left or right earbud while the other one charges in the case. the Bluetooth connection is strong and you can stay ten meters away from your phone and the connection will still work.

 The earbud features touch controls and they are very good. While using the Tron smart onyx neo there were a lot of accidental touches when I tried to adjust the earbud and it was annoying. The touch controls on the edifier x3 eliminate those accidental touches even when you adjust the earbud.

 You tap once on any of the earbuds to play or pause music, press and hold any of the earbuds to call up google assistant, tap three times on the left to go to the previous song and three times on the right to go to the next song. Unfortunately, you can’t tap to control volume with the touch controls.

Battery Life – Edifier X3 Review

The Battery life is nothing short of amazing and It can last for 6 when it is 100%. I tested it and I found out that this is true. I used it for a 5 hrs journey and when I arrived at my destination I still had almost 20 percent battery life left.

 It takes 1 hour 30 minutes to carry the case from zero to a hundred. and almost the same amount of time to charge the earbud inside the case when it’s low. You can charge the buds 3 times from zero to a hundred. If you combine the case and the buds you will get more than 24hrs of listening time. And if you are a casual user then it can last for up to three days.


Within similar price points, I have used the oraimo freepods 3 2baba edition and the tronsmart onyx neo. While both of them do a nice job, they lack the bass of the edifier x3. When it comes to earbuds under $25 dollars my top recommendation will be the X3.

Unless you want a better design ahead of sound quality there is no better earbud out there at the moment. If you made it this far into the video then a sub to the channel will be appreciated let me know the earbud you are using in the comment section below.



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