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Best Bluetooth Earbuds on Aliexpress 2023

AliExpress is one of the biggest online shopping platforms and they sell a wide range of products. They include smartphones, laptops, gadgets, and household items. Today we are going to take a look at the best Bluetooth earbuds on AliExpress. There are a lot of brands that sell earbuds on AliExpress and their prices are very fair. Some of the most popular earbuds on the platform cost between 50 USD to 25 USD. They offer amazing sound quality and good value for money.

We are going to list out the top 5 earbuds on AliExpress compiling this list was difficult because there are a lot of amazing ones on the platform. The top selling earbuds are from brands like QCY, Haylou, and Edifier. They are mostly Chinese brands and we all know what china brands can do especially in terms of knocking down the prices of products.

One of the problems you might face with buying stuff on AliExpress is the delay in shipping. I have personally been shopping on AliExpress for more than three years now. the price of their goods is very cheap and you might find the same products on other online shopping platforms selling higher.

Well, enough of the long talks let’s get straight into the article and present you with our top 5 best earbuds on AliExpress.

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Best Bluetooth Earbuds on AliExpress 2023


best bluetooth earbuds on aliexpress

The QCY T11 comes in at $27 and at a glimpse, you know the buds have some AirPods pro vibe from the design. It’s a stem-style earbud that has seventeen and half-hour battery life and QCY as a brand has a huge reputation in Asia. The earbud comes with a companion app that makes pairing seamless and easy. It works well for both android users as well as iPhone users sound quality on both operating systems is very okay. The design of the charging case is simple and we know where the inspiration came from with the rectangular corners. It is small and will slip into your pocket easily it is made of a glossy plastic material and it comes black and white.

We have three LED indicator lights at the front of the case and they show the state of the battery of the carry case. there is a type C charging port at the bottom of the carry case. the earbud is lightweight and very comfortable to wear even for long hours. We have a very soft silicon ear tip that comes in different sizes. It allows ventilation to pass through so that you will be comfortable no matter how long you wear them. it features some touch controls for playing songs, answering calls, and calling up the voice assistant. check out the QCY HT03 review

The bass on the earbud is powerful and the mids and highs are decent as well. The sound performance here is amazing it has a good sound stage with rich sound quality. There is a hybrid driver that lets the earbud deliver natural sound quality across various genres of music. It features low latency and noise reduction. We have a 600mAh battery and with 10 minutes charge, you can use the buds for 1hr. It is simply one of the best bluetooth earbuds on AliExpress.

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Realme Buds Air 2

The Realme Buds Air 2 is one of the cheapest earbuds with active noise cancellation. It is currently one of the most sought-after earbuds on AliExpress and it’s due to the features it packs. For a starter, the earbud comes in at a price of $38.99 and that’s amazing considering that we have ANC here. We have two color options here and it’s black and white I will lean towards the white more because of the silver bling on the stem. The earbuds try to separate themselves from other regular designs we are used to in the market.

It comes with various sized silicon tips that will completely seal your ears make sure you try all the tips to find the best one for you. The Realme Buds Air 2 sits well in the ear and even when you are walking or moving it won’t fall off just like that. It comes in a glossy plastic carry case that I’m not a fan of because it is prone to scratches and stains.

It can easily be opened with one hand and it charges via USB type C. the Bluetooth Codec includes AAC and SBC, even when you are ten meters away from your phone it will still play smoothly. The sound quality is amazing and if you love bass then the Buds air 2 is exactly for someone like you. you can feel the rumbles of the drivers even when the volume is halfway. Soundstage is amazing as well and you get to feel the instrument all around you and that amazing considering the price.

The active noise cancellation is decent and it cuts down some low-frequency noise but highway sounds still find their way into your ear. when it comes to ANC even the high-end earbuds struggle in this category and I am pleased with what we have on here.

Battery life with ANC turned on is around 3 and half hours but without ANC it can get close to 5 hours. Ten minutes of charging will give you over an hour of listening time. Charging takes exactly one hour. ANC at this price point looks aggressive and the overall aesthetics of the earbud is unique and pleasing to me Realme did a nice job here.

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Haylou Moripods T33 – Best Bluetooth earbuds on AliExpress

Xiaomi Haylou is another household name and they are known for making affordable earbuds with good sound quality. The Haylou sub-brand of Xiaomi and the Moripods T33 is sold for under 30 dollars. It is an AirPods-like earbud that comes in blue, black, and white. The charging case has rounded sides and there is a little Haylou logo on the earbud. it charges via a USB type C port and it takes two hours to charge from zero to 100. Once the case is full you can charge the buds four times before it runs down. It will last for 5 hours once it’s full which is okay. The only way to know that the buds are charging is If you open the buds there are tiny LED lights on the stem.

They are very comfortable in the ear and they fit into the ears nicely. The buds won’t fall off even when you are running it also has an IPX4 water resistant rating. There are some touch controls on the earbud and you can use it to next songs, play or pause, or even summon the google assistant. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 and latency is minimal here on both android and IOS.

The bass you get here is clear but you don’t it’s not deep listening to pop, and electric songs on the buds are amazing. When it comes to treble the Moripods is in a class of its own vocals here is well separated with instrumentals. The Haylou Moripods T33 is a well-balanced earbud and it delivers in terms of battery and sound no wonder It is one of the best-selling earbuds on AliExpress.

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Fill T1 Lite

The Fill T1 Lite is the first in-ear style earbud on this list and it comes in below $35 dollars. It is arguably one of the best deals you can get on an in-ear style earbud. we have Bluetooth 5.2 and AAC codec it also has an IPX7 rating making it waterproof. We have a matte black case or white I like it because it’s not prone to stains.

The case is compact and it charges via USB type C there is also an LED light that indicates when the case is charging. the rubber ear tips will provide you with good grips when they are in your ears. It lasts for 6 hours on a single charge and you can recharge the buds four times before the case runs out. Connectivity and latency are minimal and the buds have some touch controls that are very okay. Sound quality is amazing and the vocals are clear with rich bass. The earbud is one of the best Bluetooth earbuds on aliexpress.

It might be the cheapest Fill earbud but it still has one of the best sounds you can find within the price it’s selling for. The bass is really good and it is noticeable instrumental separation is also superb on the Fill T1 Lite. When it comes to sound quality the Fill T1 lite can compete with some top-rated earbuds that sell above the $50 mark. Fill fixed sound quality here and that is one of the major issues they had with the Fill T1 Pro.

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Edifier X3

The edifier X3 is amazing in-ear style earbuds and it has been my daily go-to earbuds. If you are looking for an earbud below $25 dollars then look no further no earbud performs better than the X3 in terms of sound quality. It has an AptX codec for low latency and Bluetooth 5.0 connection is very fast and swift. The earbud has a matte carry case and I so much love them because it’s not prone to stains. You can read my complete review here. they have to be on the list of best Bluetooth earbuds on Aliexpress

The sound quality on the X3 is superb the bass thumps but you need to find the right ear tips before you feel the bass. I have submerged it inside water on a couple of occasions and it turned out fine. My unit has a micro USB charging port but I have seen some that charge with a USB type C port. battery life is great here you get at least 6 hours of battery life and charging takes up an hour and a half. The price of the Edifier X3 is hard to believe when you consider the value you are getting.

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Conclusion – Best Bluetooth earbud on AliExpress

We listed some of the most bought earbuds on AliExpress in this article. There are a ton of others on the platform but at the moment these are some of the standard ones. The ones we listed here have a lot of features that make them stand out. If you buy products on AliExpress tell us in the comments below how long it takes to get to your destination.

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