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QCY T13 ANC Review – A Budget-Friendly Earbud with ANC

QCY introduced an upgraded version of the QCY T13 a few months ago, aptly named the QCY T13 ANC. Upon initial observation, there doesn’t seem to be a significant departure from the T13 design. Nevertheless, in this article, we’ll closely examine the QCY T13 ANC earbuds, delving into all I’ve discovered about them in this review.

These earbuds are budget-friendly, sparing you from digging too deep into your wallet. If you’re looking for cost-effective ANC earbuds, the QCY T13 ANC is worth considering. I encourage you to read through this post until the very end before you decide to make a purchase.

QCY T13 ANC Specs

  • AAC Codec & Bluetooth 5.3
  • 7 Hours of Listening Time
  • IPX5 WaterProof Rating
  • Charging Case can Charge the Buds 3 Times
  • Extra Eartips & USB C Cable in the Box

$25 on Aliexpress

$30 on Amazon


OCY T13 ANC – Design And Confort

Let’s start with the design, the QCY T13 ANC rocks a similar design as its predecessor the QCY T13. Like the T13, it has a round and full shape, a matte finish, and a rich premium texture. You will find the OCY brand logo at the top of the case and a USB-C charging connector is located on the right. The interior of the magnetic clamshell construction has a raised pattern. Compared to QCY T13’s flat form, the strong edges create a sense of layering. Additionally, QCY changed the round shape of the function button into a square making the case design more unique.

Coming to the design of the buds, there are not many changes here, it’s the normal model earbuds we are used to seeing with a little tweak. The ergonomically designed oblique ear will better fit the auricle, enhancing the sense of immersion and to some extent blocking mid-high frequency noise. Like most earbuds in the market, this also comes with extra ear tips. With the different sizes of ear tips, you can choose the ear tip that best suits your ear canals.

The buds snug in perfectly into the ears without much hassle and stay stable even during workouts like running, jogging, etc. It’s quite comfortable to wear, and you won’t experience pain when you put them on for a long period. Last I forget, the Qcy T13 ANC comes in two colours white and black, and also has a waterproof certification of IPX5.

OCY T13 ANC- Sound Quality

The QCY T13 ANC features a high-elastic PU hem, a high-tension CCAW coil, and a 10mm bio-dynamic driver. The overall listening experience is exceptionally comfortable, with balanced tri-frequency response and impressive bass performance. The low frequency delivers a profound three-dimensional impact, enhancing the authenticity of the timbre. However, to fully experience the bass, you may need to adjust the buds slightly deeper into your ears. Allowing the buds to hang on the ears might reduce bass output.

When adjusting the ANC, exercise caution. Setting it to 100% could potentially diminish the bass. Nonetheless, there’s ample bass power to immerse you in the dancing rhythm. The treble frequencies stand out as a highlight; vocals come through crisply. Although the vocals are slightly emphasized over some instruments, the instruments retain their natural sound, even though the vocals are noticeably prominent.

OCY T13 ANC-Battery Capacity

The QCY T13 ANC can play music for up to 7 hours at a time without the ANC, and with the ANC on you a total 5 hours and some minutes on a single charge. The case houses a battery capacity 350mAh that can recharge the buds 4 full times. The battery is decent though if you ask me and more decent when considering its price.

Connectivity And App Compatibility

These QCY earbuds use the latest Bluetooth 5.3, which provides robust anti-interference capabilities, excellent compatibility, and a dependable connection. The initial pairing process is simple: navigate to your phone or device’s Bluetooth settings and select the buds’ name from the list of available devices to establish an immediate connection. To reconnect to a previously paired Bluetooth device, open the charging case.

Within a range of 10 meters, the earbuds maintain a secure connection with the mobile phone. However, in environments without obstructions, the connection may become intermittent if the distance between the earbuds and the cell phone exceeds 10 meters.

The Qcy T13 ANC comes with app compatibility, which helps you do stuff like check the battery life, alter the pop-up window’s skin, activate the noise cancellation mode, and customize the sound effect on the APP. Additional functions, such as sound effect mode switching, will be gradually made available with a subsequent firmware upgrade.

OCY T13 ANC- Touch Controls

The touch area on top of the earphone can be used for straightforward daily tasks. Single-tap, double-tap, triple-tap, and long press can be used to do pause/play, answer/hang up, volume +/-, previous/next, wake up voice assistant, and other functions. You can also set your controls using the QCY APP based on your usage patterns.

  • Double-tap L or R earbud: Play/Pause music
  • Double-tap L or R earbud: Answer/Hang up
  • Single-tap L/R earbud: Volume+/-
  • Triple-tap R earbud: Next song
  • Triple-tap L earbud: Wake up the voice assistant
  • Long-press L earbud 1.5s: Low-latency mode on/off
  • Long-press R earbud 1.5s: ANC on/ANC off/Transparent mode
  • Long press L or R earbud 1.5s: Reject Call

Noise Cancellation Features

The QCY T13 ANC offers a maximum noise reduction depth of 28dB, which is a reasonably satisfactory level that caters to most users’ daily needs without veering into the realm of excessive pursuit for extreme performance. Enabling the ANC mode substantially diminishes ambient noise during regular usage, especially in noisy surroundings. When utilizing the earbuds for audio playback, music, or video watching, there’s no need to crank up the volume. Simply activate the ANC, and it will effectively block any incoming unwanted noise.

The earbuds’ distinctive ANC intensity adjustment technique allows for flexible customization, with values ranging freely between 0 and 100%. Even those with the most discerning auditory preferences can find an optimal level of noise reduction. Remarkably, the transparency mode’s strength can also be adjusted, in addition to the noise reduction feature.

Call Quality

By utilizing four high-sensitivity microphone arrays and the ENC noise reduction algorithm, the earbuds incorporate the 4-Mic+ENC call noise reduction solution, featuring two microphones on each bud. This arrangement effectively eliminates a significant portion of background noise during phone calls. Based on actual testing, both callers experience crystal-clear audio. This feature allows you to confidently answer calls even in noisy environments such as a bustling street or a busy bus station. This makes the QCY T13 ANC ideal for both video and audio calls.

Additionally, the earbuds are equipped with a transparency mode and support a 25km/h anti-noise function. Testing the anti-noise function in an urban setting can be challenging; for accurate assessment, it should be evaluated in more rural areas. On the other hand, the transparency mode is immediately noticeable upon activation, particularly effective at suppressing prominent sounds like traffic and distant conversations. However, it’s less effective at enhancing nearby conversations when music is playing at a moderate volume.

Game Mode And Video Streaming

The Qcy T13 ANC works well when it comes to streaming videos online, It syncs the audio and the visual very well, so you won’t notice any form of lag here. In the game mode, it works well on games like Candy Crush and Call of Duty even on Aito. But when you use them for more competitive games, you will experience delays which makes them not too good for those kinds of games. You can activate the game mode directly from the earbuds or the QCY App.



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