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Haylou Solar Plus RT3 Review – Should You Buy?

Haylou has become a reputable brand when it comes to smartwatches. Over years they’ve had some amazing budget smartwatches and today we are taking a look at one of their latest smartwatch. This is the Haylou solar plus RT3 review. It is one of the best smartwatches under $50 at least that’s what many people think. It has an AMOLED display with a lot of sports activities and other health-related functionalities. The watch is waterproof and it also has a week-long battery. Should you consider buying this smartwatch reading this article will inform you.

Haylou Solar Plus RT3 Unboxing

The smartwatch comes in a box that is typical of what Haylou offers. At a glance, you will see the smartwatch designed on the box and some of its features at the back. here are the contents found inside the box.

  • Haylou Solar Plus RT3
  • User Manual
  • Charging Cable
  • Warranty Card

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Haylou Solar Plus RT3 Review

Design and Build Quality

The smartwatch has a zinc alloy build and it’s rigid with a large 1.43-inch AMOLED display. It has a rounded face that is slightly curved and it makes the watch stylish. The watch will fit in for casual wear or mainly for sporting activities. There are two crown buttons on the right-hand side of the watch. The other one is rotatable and clickable and you can use it to access the main menu of the watch.

You can’t rotate the second Crown you can only use it to switch to sports mode. The smartwatch has a built-in speaker it also has a microphone for calls. There are some sensors at the back of the watch that comes in contact with your skin and it helps to measure your fitness levels.

The strap is made of silicone and it can be replaced. It is lightweight and it will comfortable on the wrist for long-term use. You can search for any 22M strap in metal or leather on AliExpress and you can use it with the watch. The watch also has an IP68 waterproof rating. It’s going to handle a splash of water and sweat but you can’t use it for swimming.

Display Aspect

The display of any smartwatch is very important because that’s one of the features you will use the most. Well, the Haylou Solar Plus RT3 Comes with a 1.43-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 466 pixels. It is saturated and vivid and it’s bright enough under the sun. The smartwatch has deep shades of black that blend into the bezels talking about the bezels is narrow and it has to be appreciated.

It has an always-on mode which means you can set the display to always be visible. The only problem I had with the always-on display feature is that even when you take the watch off your wrist it will still be visible. This normally takes up plenty of battery life from the watch. There are hundreds of smart watch faces that can be used on the watch. You have to download the Haylou Fun app to have access to the watch faces. The smartwatch has a 60Hz refresh rate and I am surprised that it’s priced below $50.

Health and Fitness Functions of the Haylou Solar Plus RT3

The Smartwatch comes with a lot of health and fitness activities. There are more than 105 exercises and the watch can be used for walking, cycling, running, and any other exercise you can think of. The list is endless and clicking one exercise activity it will even unlock more options. It has the power to be your personal trainer because it has all the exercise activities you need. The watch also comes with various sensors that will help detect your heart rate, and track sleep, and stress levels.

You can also use the watch to track how you breathe. The watch can track your heart rates and it works 24 hours immediately if there’s a spike it will alert you. You can also use it to track your steps in a day and surprisingly accurate. The watch can be used for sleep and it will also monitor your sleep. It will show you that related to deep sleep and light sleep moments. In terms of health and fitness tracking, I will say the smartwatch does a good job.


The Haylou Solar Plus RT3 uses Bluetooth 5.3 and which allows it to connect quickly with your smartphone. It can be used to make calls without any delays or lag. The Bluetooth connectivity also allows the watch to send data in real time to the app. It doesn’t have a built-in GPS or NFC module and you have to rely on your phone for that connectivity. The watch has good connectivity and it’s not even a problem. For the price, it’s selling you can’t complain about connectivity.

Haylou Solar Plus RT3 Battery Life and Charging

This smartwatch has a battery capacity of 220mAh and it has a standby time of 20 days. It takes about two hours to charge the watch from zero to 100. Depending on how you use the smartwatch you can get seven days of battery life. If you decide to utilize all the features of the smartwatch expect two to three days of battery. There is a battery saver mode and it can improve the battery life. The battery life on the smartwatch is impressive.


The Haylou Solar Plus RT3 will receive notifications and calls instantly if it’s connected to your phone via Bluetooth. It comes with a dialer that allows you to make calls directly from the watch. You can also save phone numbers that you frequently call directly on the smartwatch. Notifications are clear and readable without any stress. Notifications from platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other apps are displayed on the screen if it’s connected to your phone.

Haylou Fun App Review

The Haylou Fun app allows you to connect your phone to the smartwatch and get data in real-time. To utilize the full benefits of the smartwatch you need to have the app downloaded on your Android or iPhone. Once you download the app setting it up is not difficult and it takes a few minutes. I am not impressed by the user interface of the app and that’s common with Chinese smartwatches. The app allows you to set video health and fitness tracking options. You can also set reminders and have access to graphs about the various activities you carried out during the day. The app also allows you to have access to a complete library of watch faces. It is very essential to download the app to fully enjoy the watch.

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Rounding Up

The Smartwatch is one of the best available in the price category. It nails down all the basics required on his smartwatch. The fact that you can use it for calls makes it even more impressive and you barely find that feature on budget watches. For less than $50 this smartwatch is a must-buy.



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