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The New Apple M3 Chip could Outperformed The Previous Chip

Apple is getting ready to reveal the A17 Bionic and M3 chips, which will power its new smartphones and PC products. But before an official announcement, a fresh leak has shown how well the upcoming M3 chipset performs. Let’s take a look, then.
The most recent leak came from a tweet posted by Vadim Yuryev. He shared the M3 chipset’s synthetic benchmark results from the GeekBench 6 platform. From these numbers, it appears that the M3 chipset achieved 3,472 in the single-core tests and 13,676 in the multi-core tests. These results demonstrate that the M3 chipset surpasses its predecessor, the M2, in several key areas.

Apple M3 Chip Specs and Features

These improvements put it in a class with high-end MacBooks equipped with the more potent M2 Max and M2 Pro chipsets. The M3 performs just 6% worse than the M2 Max in the multi-core tests in terms of multi-core scores. However, bear in mind that the M2 Max has 12 cores while the M3 reportedly only has 8. Single test results paint a different picture, with the M3 performing impressively 24 percent faster than the M2 Max.
On the other hand, in both the single-core and multi-core tests, it also outperforms the 10-core M2 Pro chipset by about 12%. This means that the upcoming Apple M3 is quite capable and might be able to compete with the company’s top silicon. Take this news with a grain of salt and check back for more information because this is still just an unconfirmed leak. You can also check out other information flying around in the tech world.

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