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Soundpeats Engine 4 Review – Bang for Bucks Earbud

Soundpeats Engine 4 review – The buds are good-looking earbuds with a premium design. According to what’s on paper, they promise to be one of the top budget entry-level earbuds in the market. Despite lacking notable features like ANC, the brand still makes a big claim with this one.

In this review, I will be uncovering every feature of this piece, and by the end of this review, you can decide whether to get one or pass.

SoundPeats Engine 4 Unboxing

Soundpeats engine 4 review

  • Earbuds
  • Charging Case
  • USB C Cable
  • Eartips
  • User Guide

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SoundPeats Engine 4 Review – Bang for Bucks

Design And Build Up Quality

Soundpeats engine 4 review

The Soundpeats Engine4 wireless earbuds feature a unique design and buildup. The charging case is small and easy to carry with you. It’s pocket-friendly and can slide into your bag.

Soundpeats Engine4 case is made of high-quality plastic that feels solid and durable, and it has a shiny gunmetal finish that gives the item a premium appearance. My only worries are the noise the case hinge makes after several uses.

But it’s not a problem because it is still tightly shut. Underneath the case is the Type-C charging port. The earbuds are small and light, with a stylish transparent part contrasting with a sleek gunmetal finish. The overall quality was better when you consider the price of the buds.

The Engine4 earbuds have an excellent fit and a secure seal that provides effective passive noise isolation.

They were simple to insert, and once I did, I soon forgot they were there. Although they protrude from the ears quite a bit, the location was secure and made it simpler to access the touch controls.

Sound Quality – SoundPeats Engine 4 Review

Soundpeats engine 4 review

After a series of tests on various genres of music, I must admit I’m impressed. Given their lower price, I wouldn’t have been too disappointed if the sound quality was subpar.

However, being pleasantly surprised is refreshing, which is precisely what Engine4 delivered.

From a technical perspective, each bud features a 10mm woofer and a 6mm tweeter, a design touted by SoundPeats to offer “deep bass, clear treble, and crisp mids.” Based on my experience, I can vouch for SoundPeats’ claims.

The Engine4 delivers a punchy and well-balanced sound, particularly excelling with pop and rock tracks.

When it comes to pop, where the vocalist often takes center stage, the Engine4 does an excellent job highlighting singers and speakers.

While I wouldn’t describe the sound staging as exceptional, you can get immersed and get lost in the music while listening.

The sound quality might not be as great as the much more expensive earbuds on the market. However, it still does a decent job of delivering a good sound from all the music  I tested it on.

Buy for $50 on Aliexpress

Buy for $59 on Amazon

Connectivity And App Compatibility

When it comes to performance, these buds are outstanding. They deliver rock-solid communication that is consistently steady, regardless of the paired device, thanks to Bluetooth 5.3 technology.

We connected the earbuds to various gadgets, including smartphones, computers, and more during our in-depth testing. Overall, the outcome was excellent; there was no hiccup in the smooth connectivity, even as we walked around with the devices.

Thanks to the user-friendly SoundPEATS App, using them is as simple as possible. Although its interface may initially appear relatively straightforward, it does offer crucial options for personalizing the user experience.

The App offers a variety of settings, enabling users to modify the EQ settings for the best sound quality and manage to play all from their device’s screen. Unquestionably, this customized experience improves overall usability and enjoyment.

Support for dual-device pairing was another feature we valued. With this feature, you can simultaneously connect the earbuds to two different devices and switch between them seamlessly.

Without having to unplug and replug the earbuds, you could halt the music on one device and begin playing a video right away on the other.

Even while the App offers a respectable degree of customization, we can’t help but think that there may be more choices.

Custom sound profiles and sleep modes could significantly increase the App’s usefulness and provide users with a more individualized audio experience.

It meets the demands of the majority of consumers thus, it is not a deal-breaker. However, the App feels weak in comparison to other sound apps.

Call Quality Test And Noise Cancellation

They had varying results in terms of call quality. Although they fared well in audio output, giving the customer a clear and crisp sound, the microphone quality could have been better.

Users on the other end reported hearing muffled and distorted audio, indicating that the mono mic may not be the best choice for transmitting crystal-clear, high-quality voice.

Users who want to use the earbuds primarily for listening to audio may not be affected by this restriction, but regular callers may find it a significant drawback.

The noise canceling function comes last. Even though the brand never said anything about noise cancelation, the buds did a commendable job of blocking out outside noise and producing a fully immersive audio experience without interruptions.

The earbuds’ snug fit aids in passive noise isolation, which raises the sound quality overall. However, we observed that the fit might be problematic for some users because the buds frequently slipped out during our testing.

Battery Performance

Regarding wireless earbuds, battery life is crucial, and the Engine4 excels in this area. On a single charge, these buds provide an exceptional 12.5 hours of playback in SBC mode at a moderate volume.

This translates into quickly completing a whole day of intermittent use, whether working from home with regular pauses, making a long commute with stops, or taking a continuous long-haul flight.

A significant benefit is the assurance that your earbuds won’t stop working in the middle of your favorite song or program online.

We obtained about 8 hours of playback after switching to the LDAC mode, which provides improved sound quality.

Despite being slightly less than in SBC mode, it is still more than adequate to meet your audio needs for most of the day.

This setting is perfect for individuals who prefer to spend a long time immersed in high-resolution audio.

Including a wireless charging cover, which gave us an additional 2.5 charges, is the real game-changer, though.

By doing this, the overall battery life is successfully increased to an amazing 43 hours in SBC mode and 28 hours in LDAC mode. Even if you are out and about for a considerable amount of time without access to a charging outlet, the charging case ensures that your buds are always ready.

The lengthy battery life, for instance, is a fantastic companion if you’re going on a trip and don’t want to miss your playlist.

Although some earbuds on the market could have a longer battery life, the Engine4 is a strong competitor in the wireless earbuds market thanks to its performance, sound quality, and excellent battery life.

The battery life is a standout considering its price range, making it an ideal choice for casual listeners and hardcore users.

Soundpeats Engine 4 – Game Latency

The Engine4 earbuds’ low latency mode shines when gaming, offering an almost instant audio response necessary for an engaging gaming experience.

Even with the paired device close, we had random and sporadic dropouts in low latency mode.

Users could find this annoying, especially during marathon game sessions. It’s important to note that we had no trouble connecting to different gaming devices. If it has Bluetooth, you’re good to go.

Soundpeats Engine 4 – Touch Controls

Below are the touch controls of the Soundpeat Engine 4

  • Tap the left bud to lower the volume and the right bud to raise it.
  • Double tap on either bud to play/pause media and answer calls.
  • Triple tap the left bud for Game Mode and the right bud to activate voice assistant.
  • Long-press left bud for the previous track, right bud for the next track.

I can undoubtedly emphasize the need to contend with touch-sensitive controls occasionally.

Since volume adjustments are activated with single taps, it’s astounding how often I unintentionally altered the volume while simply trying to reposition one of the earbuds for added comfort.

Additionally, there were numerous instances where I continuously tapped the sensors only to receive no response or an unintended action.

It appears that you must be both swift and precise in your tapping, a skill I managed to master most of the time. Yet, when I fell short of speed, the Engine4 never failed to remind me of my struggle with the fundamental controls.

If you have questions about our Soundpeats Engine 4 review, kindly comment in the comment section.


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