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Samsung Galaxy A04s Review

This is the Samsung galaxy A04s Review. it comes with a 6.5-inch PLS LCD display with a 90Hz refresh rate. It has 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage space, it comes with a 50MP main camera, and a 5000mAh battery with an octa-core processor. Samsung is asking you to pay up to 96,000 naira or 140 dollars to buy the phone. It is a budget phone and you need to know more about the phone before spending your money to buy it.

In this review, we are going to share everything that you need to know about the phone. There is a lot of other competition out there but the Samsung Galaxy A04s distinguishes itself with certain features. Another important thing is whether it is a suitable upgrade over the Galaxy A03s. Read everything carefully to understand more about the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A04s Review – Everything You Need to Know

Design and Build Quality

The phone is made of plastic and it has three cameras at the back, to be honest only one Camera matters but we will talk about cameras before the end of the review. It weighs less than 200grams making it lightweight in the hand. The phone is slippery in the hand and it’s important to use a case to cover the back of the phone.  Samsung also didn’t add any case in the box, so you need to buy one. The Samsung Galaxy A04s has a fingerprint scanner by the right, its fast but sometimes I have to look at the phone to make sure I’m reaching the right place.

The fingerprint scanner also doubles as the unlock key and the volume rockers are slightly above the fingerprint scanner. There is a tiny microphone, a down-firing speaker, and a USB charging port at the bottom. You also get another microphone for calls at the top and by the left, we have a dual 4G sim card slot and an SD card slot. Up front, the Galaxy A04s has a water drop notch display design that houses the front-facing selfie camera. The bezels around the display are noticeable and it is common with entry-level devices.

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Samsung Galaxy A04s Review: Display Aspect

The display is 6.5 inches and it is quite easy to reach the top with one hand. It comes with a PLS LCD display that is quite vibrant and sharp with good viewing angles. The display of the Samsung A04s is responsive to touch and it also has a 90Hz refresh rate that makes it even better. It has a 720p resolution which I feel should have been bumped to 1080p to make it one of the best displays in its price category. Outdoors you will struggle to see the display, even if you bump it up to max brightness. You can watch YouTube videos in 1080p and the colors you get are quite okay. The display is okay for the price point and the high refresh rate makes scrolling even better, you can disable it in the display settings.

Software and Performance

My model has 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage, but there is a variant out there that has 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. Even though it might be a bit cheaper I won’t advise anyone to get that model. You will fill up the storage space in no time and if money is not an issue then you might get the 4GB RAM and 128GB storage version. The Samsung Galaxy A04s is running on Android 12, and OneUI Core 4 is the user interface. The Core version of OneUI is a tuned-down version of the Original OneUI.

There are some feature that is missing and one of them is the secure folder. Otherwise, it comes with the same animation and icons. The level of customization is also the same on the OneUI core 4. You also get all the preloaded apps that Samsung normally pack on their phones. Overall the UI is smooth and user-friendly. The Samsung Galaxy A04s is powered by the Exynos 850, which is the same processor found on the Galaxy A13. Performance is okay for basic usages like toggling through various social media platforms and calls. However, I cannot confidently say that the phone is suitable for gaming.

You can play casual games on the Galaxy A04s like subway surfer, candy crush, and altos odyssey. Playing titles like call of duty or asphalt 9 is possible, but you are not going to get good resolutions and frame rates. Performance on the Samsung Galaxy A04s is nothing except it is just what to expect of a normal entry-level device.

Camera Review: Samsung Galaxy A04s

The phone has a 50MP main camera, and that is the most important camera on the phone. There are two other 2MP cameras for depth and macro shots at the back. Images shot on the main 50MP camera are quite okay well detailed and usable on social media. The phone also has a 10X zoom but its best use case is at 1x and 2x zoom once you hit 10x the image gets zero details. I was impressed with how the 50MP lens on the Galaxy A04s handled HDR.

And you can still zoom in a bit on the photos and details will still be there. The main camera struggles in low light and to get this shot I had to use the image magnifier in the camera app. Shutter lag is minimal and it takes photos in split seconds without any processing. The portrait mode is quite okay with good face and edge detection. The macro lens is not bad too and you really need to get closer to the subject to get the most out of it.

I feel having just one camera lens would have been better because we hardly use the macro lens on our phones. Generally, the 50MP main camera on the Samsung Galaxy A04s is impressive but I feel they can do better.

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Samsung Galaxy A04s Battery Aspect

The Galaxy A04s comes with a 5000mAh battery and it supports 18Watts fast charging. It takes around 2 hours to charge the phone from zero to a hundred. If you are a heavy user you should expect around 8 hours of screen time. I used it with the 90Hz refresh rate and work and it died after 9 hours. The battery life is okay I only wish charging the phone was a little bit faster. The battery is actually one of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy A04s.

Rounding Up

The final verdict is the Samsung Galaxy A04s worth buying for 96,000 naira. On a normal day, the phone shouldn’t be priced that high but then the naira is doing its thing. It has a good battery life, decent performance, and what I will say a minimal design. There is nothing extra that justifies spending that much on the phone. If you enjoyed reading this Samsung Galaxy A04s review kindly leave a comment.


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