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QCY T21 Fairybud Review – Best Earbud Under $25

QCY is known for releasing excellent earbuds that catch the eye, and the QCY T21 Fairy Bud is no exception. These buds are budget-friendly earbuds with a beautiful design specially made for women.

The charging case and earbuds are small and lightweight, enhancing comfort. The QCY T21 has many unique features, which we will uncover in this review. So, before you get a pair of new earbuds, I urge you to read this to the very end.

QCY T21 FairyBud Unboxing

QCY T21 Fairybuds Unboxing

  • Charging case
  • Pair of earbuds
  • Charging cable
  • User manual

Buy on AliExpress for $23

QCY T21 FairyBud Review – The Breakdown

QCY T21 FairyBud Design & Build Quality

Step into the design world, where the QCY T21 FairyBuds make an unforgettable entrance with their mesmerizingly feminine aesthetics.

Prepare to be captivated by a charging case that boasts a floral elegance, curving like a work of art, while its upper cover reveals a tantalizing nano-lithography texture that beckons to be touched.

The case, a canvas of innovation, embraces a high-gloss NCVM vacuum coating technique, granting it a cozy warmth and a touch of metallic sophistication that’s simply irresistible.

Gaze upon the charging case’s front, and a subtle indicator light winks playfully.

Venture to the rear, and there lies a symphony of functionality – the steadfast Type-C charging interface and the gracefully engineered hinge, a testament to the union of form and function.

Beneath the case, three poised point-like protrusions stand guard, defending against wear and tear.

The allure doesn’t stop there. These earbuds are not just designed; and they’re crafted to cradle the contours of the female auricle with exquisite finesse.

The handle-shaped semi-in-ear design, meticulously refined through thousands of ergonomic simulations and trials, guarantees a fit as natural as it is luxurious. The QCY T21 FairyBuds are more than earbuds; they embody sophistication.

Let your eyes linger on the intricate details of the sound cavity shell and the headset stem. Each feature is meticulously crafted, culminating in an aesthetic symphony pleasing to the eye and the touch.

An epitome of elegance, the stem dances with light and shadow, revealing a flexibility that mirrors its wearer’s grace.

And yes, these earbuds are more than just stylish; they’re your remote control for capturing selfies with a single touch.


Delve deeper into their construction and discover a pressure relief sanctuary within the inner sound chamber shell.

This ingenious addition harmonizes internal and external pressure, paving the way for a symphony of natural airflow that blends with the earbuds’ acoustic prowess.

The charging contact and L/R logo stand sentinel on the inner stem, flanking a microphone hole that echoes with possibilities.

Feel the weight of innovation – a meticulously measured 43.2g for the QCY T21 FairyBuds.

Each earbud, a mere 3.8g, bears a weight carefully calibrated for an experience that’s light on the ears and heavy on brilliance. Get ready to be enchanted, as the world of earbuds just found its muse.

Buy on AliExpress for $23

QCY T21 Fairybud Sound Quality

The QCY T21 FairyBuds earbuds have a special bass catheter and a built-in dynamic speaker with a 10mm composite titanium plating.

It supports AAC audio decoding, has more accurate mid- and high-frequency analysis, robust low-frequency, and an excellent sense of rhythm and ambiance.

I chose some popular music at random for the actual audition session. The three frequencies of the QCY T21 FairyBuds perform consistently and are very evenly distributed. The earbuds’ bass is powerful and rhythmic.

The vocals are pleasant and straightforward, the sound has exceptional clarity at mid-high frequencies, and the resolution is good.

It is a beautiful option for daily music and video viewing due to its good sound quality and pleasant wearing experience. After prolonged use, it isn’t easy to induce a foreign body sense.

Battery Performance

Test the QCY T21 FairyBuds connected charging with a power tester; the charging power is around 1.31W. The earbuds have a single battery life of up to 6 hours.

The case comes with a battery capacity of 290mAh, which makes it capable of recharging the earbuds three times, increasing the battery life for 24 hours.

Connectivity And Game Latency

The Bluetooth 5.3 technology used by QCY T21 FairyBuds offers excellent anti-interference capabilities, robust connections, and compatibility.

More sound information can be kept when listening with support for AAC audio decoding. Choose “QCY FairyBuds” from your phone’s list of Bluetooth devices to instantly establish a connection when connecting for the first time.

Open the charging cover to connect to the associated Bluetooth device for later usage. In the charging case, the earphones can be charged; they are then automatically unplugged when the cover is closed.

Additionally, the QCY T21 supports gaming mode and has a full link latency of under 68ms.

It can make the operation more convenient and the audio and video better in sync when it is typically used to watch videos and play games.

App Compatibility

The pop-up animation made just for QCY FairyBuds can be enjoyed after downloading and installing the QCY APP.

There are also 7 pop-up animations to pick from, and you can adjust the “Settings-Personalized Pop-up Animation Theme” to your liking.

Following a successful connection, you can view the device’s battery life and connection status in the “Status” column on the QCY APP home page.

The music equalizer in “Sound” has 6 preset EQs and 3 sound effects to pick from, making for a varied and rich listening experience. You can change the touch gesture settings and make frequently used operations one-key switches under the “Settings” menu.

In addition, the QCY T21 FairyBuds support the “Find Earphones” feature, which plays a sound when the earbuds detach and activates a location recording feature to assist users in finding the device.

Earbuds’ touch controls can be hidden in sleep mode to prevent accidents while trying to sleep.

Call Quality And Other Noticeable Features

QCY FairyBuds also enable twin earbuds with 4-Mic ENC call noise reduction.

The voice of the call is purer and more evident thanks to the help of the expert fluid mechanics anti-wind noise structure, which can successfully decrease the impact of noise and wind noise in the environment.

For female friends who enjoy taking photos and making movies, QCY T21 FairyBuds additionally created a one-button remote selfie feature.

Consider earbuds as a Bluetooth remote control for selfies to accommodate your female friends’ interest in taking pictures.

Buy on AliExpress for $23

Final Verdict

The QCY T21 is an excellent alternative for anybody seeking a set of affordable earbuds with superior features.

The earbuds have a small design, clever remote control, rich audio, and noise-canceling settings.

This piece is designed with the females in mind; the design is unique and excellent.

The buds come in three colors: black, purple, and grey. You are at liberty to choose any color that suits you better.

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