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How to send high quality files on WhatsApp

How to send high quality files on WhatsApp – Using WhatsApp makes it simple to stay in touch with loved ones. The software is even used in certain offices for interoffice communication. However, the platform’s punitive limit on the file size of uploaded photographs is one of its main drawbacks.

You’ll also undoubtedly get difficulties or notice significant picture compression if you attempt to share full-resolution photographs using WhatsApp. What should you do to ensure that your images maintain their original quality? We will demonstrate a little-known technique for sending clear, high-quality photographs concealed in WhatsApp.

Steps on How to send high quality files on Whatsapp.

You’ve probably already guessed where this is headed, but publishing your image as a document on WhatsApp is the only method to communicate high-quality photographs. The secret to the highest quality WhatsApp picture transfers is document sharing.

The steps are as follows:

  • Launch any chat on WhatsApp.
  • Select Document by tapping the attachment icon next to the camera icon on Android. On an iPhone, pick Document by tapping the plus icon to the left of the text area.
  • Select the image by looking through your files.
  • To send the image, tap Send.

Your photo will avoid compression and exceed WhatsApp’s 16 MB limit once you hit send. Thus, as long as the file size stays under the 100 MB limit, receivers should receive the image in its original quality.

WhatsApp could enable “best quality” image and video sharing in the future. You may still use the document-sharing approach to transfer high-resolution pictures at any time.

This approach should be helpful if you need to transmit any full-resolution images to your WhatsApp friends.


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