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How to lock chats on WhatsApp using Chatlock

How to lock chats on WhatsApp – You likely use WhatsApp for both personal and professional reasons. Some of these communications could be too private, and you wouldn’t want them to be seen by anybody with nosy eyes. With Chat Lock, you can strengthen the security of these discussions by adding a verification level.

WhatsApp may already be locked on iPhones using Face ID or Touch ID. Similarly, WhatsApp can be secured on Android devices using a PIN, password, or biometric identification. But this hides WhatsApp in its entirety behind an extra layer of verification.

This might be bothersome since you might not want to safeguard every communication you have on the platform run by Meta. Additionally, verifying your identity each time WhatsApp is used might become annoying. Additionally, once WhatsApp is unlocked, all your conversations are visible to everyone so that anybody may see them.

How to lock chats on WhatsApp – More Details

The use of Chat Lock is now necessary. You may hide specific WhatsApp chats you have with friends or family from inquisitive eyes by locking them.

Locked conversations are transferred to a secret locked inbox distinct from the main messages displayed. Therefore, even if someone accesses WhatsApp on your phone when unlocked, they won’t be able to see these chats. Additionally, Chat Lock differs from archiving WhatsApp communications to make them invisible.

For security concerns, once you turn on Chat Lock for a chat, no media from that conversation will be stored in your phone’s gallery. To store media files, you must disable the security function.

On both Android and iPhone, Chat Lock may be used to secure private or group discussions in WhatsApp. Communities are not eligible for this security option. Conversations that have been archived must first be restored to be locked.

Steps to follow to use Chatslock on WhatsApp:

Follow these instructions on How to lock chats on WhatsApp:

  • Open the chat you wish to lock in WhatsApp. The chat details screen will open once you tap the conversation’s name.
  • Select the Chat lock option by swiping down.
  • Switch on the option to lock this conversation with a fingerprint. Enter your phone’s unlock PIN or password, scan your fingerprint or face, or verify your identity.
  • The conversation will now be locked, and a popup will confirm this.

All your protected talks have been placed in the Locked Chats inbox. You may get to it by sliding down from the main conversation screen on WhatsApp. To access the inbox, use biometric identification or enter your phone’s unlock PIN or password. Following that, you can view and access your locked WhatsApp chats.

Notifications also conceal the content of protected chat messages. Before accessing the message content, you must touch on the notice and authenticate your identity.

You must prove your identity whenever you disable Chat Lock for a chat.



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