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Google Releases Android’s Near By Share Beta For Windows

Google recently made the Android Nearby Share app for Windows PCs available in beta. The app, which was first released to provide a quicker way of sharing files between your own devices, is now available on Windows. This is good news for all Windows users because this is one feature we have been waiting for.

The Google Nearby Share App On PC

To make file sharing simpler and faster, Google first released the Nearby Share app back in 2020. It is now expanding to include the PC platform. Google estimates that Nearby Share can quickly send and receive files between Android phones, tablets, and Chromebooks on the nearly 3 billion active Android devices. Users can also send and receive files from their Windows PC using the brand-new Nearby Share Beta. This helps make sharing files between the PC and mobile phones much faster.

The beta app that facilitates file transfers has made this possible. The beta app runs automatically in the background, so you don’t have to launch it each time you want to transfer files manually. Photos, videos, and documents can all be dragged and dropped into the app as part of the data transfer. The “Send with Nearby Share” option is also available to users via the right-click menu. After that, one can choose which Android device to transfer the files to from a list of all nearby Android devices. That is how simple it is.

Google just announced the Nearby Share Windows beta in the US and other countries worldwide. Also, remember that ARM-powered devices are not currently supported. However, those who are interested can test out the beta on a Windows PC by searching for the beta version online or clicking here. That is what we can gather concerning this new feature from Google. Always stop by to get the latest updates in the tech world.


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