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Is Elon Musk Twitter Deal Back in Place?

It appears that Elon Musk has changed his mind about his first plans to buy Twitter based on some sources. The billionaire had already pulled out of the agreement earlier due to certain conditions. But it now seems like Musk is considering making another purchase of the platform.

For those who are unaware, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX offered to purchase Twitter in April 2022 for 44 billion US dollars. The agreement was quickly suspended. However, due to disagreements over the alleged prevalence of phony and spam accounts on Twitter’s network.

Although Facebook asserted that the amount was less than 5%, Musk chose to back out of the agreement. He asserted that his contract with the microblogging platform had been broken.

Thus, Musk pulled out of the agreement in July 2022, claiming that the business had not given him adequate business information. In response, the social media company sued Elon Musk in order to compel the businessman to make the first purchase. The business claimed that Musk had interfered with its operations and even reduced stockholder value.

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However, Musk’s decision to reconsider the buyout comes before the trial, which was scheduled to start on October 17. The trial should be abandoned since Elon is planning to repurchase Twitter unless he has a change of heart. Stay tuned for more because we’ll let you know when more details about this situation become available. And you can as well check on top reviews and other news on smartphones. Lastly, we would love to hear your view on this Musk and Twitter case. You can also Subscribe to our Youtube for fast Updates. The Elon Musk Twitter deal seems to be back in place after all the saga. stay tuned for more.


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