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10 Best Apps for Students in 2022

The best apps for students aren’t difficult to find and we listed the best ones below. Are you looking for an app that will make your student’s life easy? Well, you are at the right place because the apps below are going to help you in one way or the other. The apps are available for download on both Android and IOS devices.

You can also download them on your tablet or iPad if that is what you use for studying. The apps can help you if you are in a college or university and they are mostly free. There are thousands of apps for students but not all of them are worth using. We put together the apps you need as a student here.

The 10 Best Apps for Students in 2022

1.     The Dictionary App

This app is not the kind of app that any student should think twice before having on his or her smartphone. It is so vital to the extent that you will be disadvantaged if you don’t have it. Because it helps you to know and understand the basic meaning of words. The advanced learner’s dictionary and Oxford dictionary are just two out of the others in the play store.

Download for Android or IOS

Top Features

  • It can be updated to the latest version
  • It shows antonyms and synonyms
  • Audio pronunciation
  • The context for word usage

2.    Online education providers

This particular app was designed for students that don’t want to settle for less. It is an app that you can visit to learn new skills.

Some of these online educational apps for students are; Khan Academy, Coursera and it’s me. Worked into this app are massive open online courses that you can access for free.

A quiet number of these apps offer you a certificate after you are done with learning. Every of the learning is done online.

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Top Features

  • It provides audio reading and course video
  • Convenient learning option
  • A course of choice and its specialization
  • Practice quizzes

3.    E-book app

Amazon is one of the best apps that you can visit to get almost any kind of book that you want to read. Likewise, Google plays books. This app doesn’t only offer you story books, you can also get some other books that are in ration to your course of study in school.

You can also choose to get the audio of the book if it’s available. So you can listen to it at your convenient hour.

Top Features

  • You can access books without a subscription
  • You can preview books before placing others for them or buying them.
  • You get notified of new books in your email.
  • Easy navigations

4.    Office Suite

As a student it is important you have either WPS or Microsoft office among your phone apps. With it, you can find it easy to open any kind of document. Also, you can also use it to type some important things when necessary. They can also aid your productivity and allow you to benefit greatly from your gadget.

With this app, you can also learn some important skills. Skills like research planning, CV writing, grant writing, and even a little setting.

This app will reduce the stress and the cost of visiting cafes always.

Top Features

  • Excel and spreadsheet
  • Powerpoint
  • Data recovery
  • Word count

5.    Professional networking app

This is also one of the most essential apps that students should have. It helps you to know about job offers and also search for jobs online.

LinkedIn is one of these apps. With LinkedIn, you can create a professional online presence, Job opportunities, and access to internships.

This app also helps you to interact with various people worldwide and also display your resume.

Top Features

  • You can highlight your skills with it
  • It provides space to save relevant information about self
  • Easy management of profile

6.    Classroom app

The apps that will be listed here are not only important for students but also for lecturers. Google Classroom and Edmodo are educative platforms where lecturers and students can meet.

All you need to do is just log in and then you will meet with your lecturer. Can you now see that this app is so vital like your lecture notepad?

Top Features

  • You can scan and upload assignments using this app
  • It aids virtual classes
  • The school calendar is available with updates on dates for tests and exams
  • Test or assignment grades assessment on Google spreadsheet

7.    Video search engines

There is nothing that you are taught in the lecture hall that you can not find on YouTube. It is both a social media app and also an online video app. When you need to learn more about what you are being taught in school, just visit YouTube.

YouTube helps to break down complex topics, concepts, or information. Different experts must have said something about anything that you are searching for.

With this app, if you are fatigued reading you can watch.

Top Features

  • You can subscribe to any channels of your choice for free
  • You can download the video to re-watch in your leisure time
  • Playlist options to group saved videos
  • Search to all extent that you want to

8.    SAFSMS

This app is one of the apps that makes keeping attendance easy. Instead of keeping records in papers that can be easily misplaced, you can go for this app. It is a good app for keeping grades and class notes. SAFSMS makes result compilation also easy and it is also good for the drafting of time table.

Top Features

  • Easy the setting of budget
  • Good for setting a timetable

9.    Kahoot

This app is like a solution to baring class. Anytime a student gets exhausted or tired, he can easily visit this site to play educational games. The teacher can also decide to set questions and answers on the site to create an instantly playable game for his student.

Top Features

  • Host kahoots live in class or via video conferencing.
  • Display questions and answers on students’ devices in live kahoots.
  • Assign student-paced challenges for review or homework.
  • Get students to play individually or corporately

10. Photomath

Any student having a problem with mathematics can visit this particular site. It is a great site to increase one’s knowledge of algebra. This app will coach you on how to isolate “X” from an algebra question. Photomath can also solve any questions easily and also show you the step. It is good for breaking down mathematical problems for you to learn.

Top Features

  • Detailed step-by-step explanations.
  • Multiple solving methods for problems can be solved in different ways.
  • Multi-functional scientific calculator.

What is The Best App for students in 2022?

There are a lot of apps for students that make studying easier, but we can’t point to a single app as the best app for students. You can go through the list of apps for students and pick one that will make your workflow easier. Any app that works well for you as a student could be the best app for you. In case we missed any of the apps you use as a student above please mention them in the comment section below.


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