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Apple Announces A New Feature Called Apple Crash Detection Feature

Apple presented its anticipated flagship iPhone 14 series at its “Far Out” event. The Watch Series 8 was also unveiled by the Cupertino-based company. At the event, the company also unveiled a brand-new function called Apple Crash Detection. Apple claims that while it expects consumers won’t need the feature, it should provide them with a sense of security while driving. Google has long provided auto accident detection on its Pixel smartphones.

Those who are familiar with Pixel smartphones already have an idea of this feature. Apple just added it to its latest release to help provide users with a sense of security while driving.

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In the event of a car crash, the Apple Crash Detection feature, a new Emergency function, may save the users’ lives. It might be unpredictable and risky to drive on the road. Apple says it’s Apple’s newest Watch Series 8, which can help detect an auto crash. And after 10 seconds, the feature will alert the user’s emergency contact and provide them with the user’s location. It’s important to note that the feature only operates when the user is behind the wheel.

Both the Watch Series 8 and the iPhone 14 series come with two new motion sensors. An upgraded 3-axis gyroscope and a high-G-force accelerometer. In case you’re wondering how the Crash Detection feature functions. The latter has a sampling rate that is 3,000 times quicker and can measure up to 256 G’s.

Apple has also developed a sophisticated sensor algorithm to activate the function. The Collision Detection on a linked iPhone uses the motion sensor. Besides the barometer, GPS, and microphone to determine whether a serious crash has occurred. All the information makes it possible to pinpoint the exact moment of impact.

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The emergency services interface will show up on both the Apple Watch Series 8 and the iPhone 14 series after a serious crash. According to Apple, the emergency feature can identify collisions involving automobiles. And also, as SUVs, and pickup trucks. It also focuses on four different forms of collisions. Which includes rollovers, rear-end collisions, side impacts, and front impacts. Only when driving and before a potential mishap does the feature run and process data. Additionally, the device stores the data and is not collected by Apple.

Apple stated that its algorithm has been trained on more than 1 million hours of actual driving. And that it has researched vehicle crashes at cutting-edge crash test facilities for years. Well, let us know what you think about this feature in the box below.


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